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Patented Pontoon construction

The pontoons from Swiss Boats are built from the ground up, so as to correct defects from more common pontoons.

There are two versions of pontoons, each one meter long: the front Pontoon with the characteristic Swiss Boats shape and the Swiss Boats floating bodies.


Contact us under info@swiss-boats.com or via phone number +41 79 687 51 55. 


The boats are buoyant, robust and resistant to saltwater. And last

but not least are the Swiss Boats Pontoons available in different

colours. In the development were wiring and collision protection taken

into account, as well as embedded M10 screws for an easier assembly.


The advantages of the Swiss-Boats Pontoon boat:

  • Easily to clean            
  • Racing shape – quicker floating bodies
  • Unsinkable due to a multiple chamber system
  • Selection of different colours
  • Extremely robust – 5 years guarantee on the floating bodies
  • Floating bodies made of recyclable material
  • Extremely torsion-resistant due to a specific construction
  • Outstanding floating performance
  • First European product
  • Sole manufacturer worldwide
  • Boats up to 8.5 meters possible

!!!!!!! NEW AT SWISS-BOATS !!!!!!

Wether Taxi or Party boat (Sport boat)

Business or privat

our fiberglass design is customizable

Enjoy with your family or alone the Pontoone feeling

The big advantage of a Pontoon Boat is that everyone can enjoy in it's own way. While one is sunbathing, someone else is reading and the kids sit up in front to play, there is waterskiing simultaneously. Even with ten people on board it is no problem to pull one or more wakeboarders out of the water! 

The Pontoon Boats are fully equipped with high capacity dual batteries, charging equipment, navigation, fish finder, impressive audio system throughout the boat and much more. You buy with this Pontoon Boats sailing pleasure for many years.